Promotion of the research activity in computer science in West Romania

Romanian CEEX-III no. 6/07.09.2005

Project site:

Partners: IeAT (leader), UVT, UPT

The main objective of the project is to increase the international visibility of the Romanian scientific community, in particular of those of the project partners, with the purpose to increase the degree of correlation and integration in the European and international research programmes. To fulfill this objective several activities are planned to support the development of partnerships between the teams involved in this project and similar research teams from Europe. New networks at the European level will be developed in the specific research field (IST) and R&D activities in the frame of the current international partnership will be extended including also the preparation of common projects for the EU workprogrammes. The project will improve and reinforce the Romanian research capacity within the IST area, by developing and strengthening the research at the institutions involved in this project with the aim of becoming competitive participants in work carried out at international level within the ERA. A consequence of research excellence and of being recognized as a competitive partner is the objective of improved participation in European research projects, both by increasing direct involvement by the project partners as well as by stimulating participation from Romania. For the goal of improved participation by the project partners, one measure is increasing the partners contribution in the European research projects and networks in which it currently participates (within FP6 and other programmes), in terms of number of workpackages and amount of activities. Another concrete measure is the participation of project partners within proposals submitted to future calls in FP7 or other international calls involving research, collaboration or management activities. The objective of increasing European research participation by Romania in general is closely linked to the goal of increased scope for the activities of the project partners. A measure of increased scope will be given by information activities concerning participation in the EU framework programmes, in which the partners will disseminate their experience in European projects participation. Their success will be gauged by the involvement of other research centres but more importantly of industrial partners in European project preparation. A long term objective is to improve networking both within Romania and visibility abroad. A first step is a full awareness of the Romanian IST potential and its specialists, necessary both inside Romania and in the European Community. This can be achieved by a strong dissemination of the research results, their practical impact and current implementation inside and outside Romania, at international scientific events and brokerage meetings. The project includes the organization of such events. Networking within Romania involves working closely with other IST excellence centres and with national institutions and organizations. Previous experience of the proposers in research activities involving multiple institutions from Romania and in management activities involving regional administrative institutions (as the IT Park initiated by the Coordinator in association with the two Partners) are a warranty of the success in creating a national research network in IST within the targeted thematic priorities. One measure for the success of increased networking, nationally and internationally, will be the number of joint scientific publications with researchers outside the project partners, as a result of research visits in both directions. Another concrete measure will be in context the participation in joint research projects already at the national level, the emphasis is shifting towards integrated efforts from large consortia, mirroring the European focus on projects achieving a critical mass. The project partners have started to and will continue to devote increased resources to this type of joint projects. Another long-term objective is for the partners to respond to socio-economic needs at regional and national level. One facet of this objective is to stimulate the interest of Romanian or foreign SMEs in the results of IST research, leading to awareness that performing and applying current research is both necessary and feasible for a competitive growth of the national IT sector. This will be achieved both through targeted technology transfer activities, as well as dissemination activities such as courses, workshops and information events presenting the applicability of recent research. Fulfillment of this objective will be measured by an increased number of contracts of the project partners with industry, as well as by the participation of companies, notably SMEs in project proposal applications. Another objective targeting socio-economic needs is to provide young researchers with competitive career opportunities that will stimulate them both to remain in the scientific domain as well as to perform research in the country rather than move abroad.