Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds


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Partners: Second University of Napoli (leader), IeAT, European Space Agency, Terradue, AITIA, Fatronik-Tecnalia, University of Ljubljana, Brno University of Technology, XLAB

Starts: September 1, 2010, 30 months

The mOSAIC project aims to develop an open-source platform that enables applications to negotiate Cloud services as requested by their users.

    The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Design an API and a platform that are hardware and vendor agnostic
  • Design a Cloud ontology
  • Design a unified resource representation
  • Adapt agent-based negotiation mechanism for Cloud services
  • Adapt Cloud-specific service level agreements and quality of service requirements
  • Adapt tests and benchmarks for Cloud services and applications
  • Implement API in well known programming environments
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of semantics in Cloud service usage
  • Implement an agent system for negotiation of Cloud services
  • Deliver an efficient full platform for programming and deploying Cloud-based applications
  • Identify Cloud usage patterns
  • Design realistic platform usage cases
  • Design and implement examples of Cloud-based applications using project developments