Digital Environmental Home Energy Management System


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Partners: Manchester City Council [United Kingdom] Technical University of Cluj-Napoca [Romania] Clicks and Links Ltd [United Kingdom] Hildebrand Technology Ltd [United Kingdom] Bristol City Council [United Kingdom] Corinex Communications [Slovakia] Plovdiv Municipality [Bulgaria] Ivanovo Municipality [Bulgaria] Institute e-Austria Timisoara University of Rousse [Bulgaria] Birmingham Council [United Kingdom] University of Coventry [United Kingdom] The Centre [Belgium] University of Salford [United Kingdom]

Started: June 2008, 30 months

The aim is to improve the current monitoring approach to levels of energy being used by households, with an overall aim of reducing CO2 emissions across Europe. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7.

DEHEMS will extend the current state of the art in intelligent meters, moving beyond energy ‘input’ models that monitor the levels of energy being used to an ‘energy performance model’ that also looks at the way in which the energy is used. It will bring together sensor data in areas such as household heat loss and appliance performance as well as energy usage monitoring to give real time information on emissions and the energy performance of appliances and services. It will enable changes to be made to those appliances/services remotely from the mobile phone or PC and provide specific energy efficiency recommendations, for the household.

The impact will be to personalise action on climate change, and so help enable new policies such as Personal Carbon Allowances as well as supporting the move towards increased localized generation and distribution of energy.