Automated Validation of Trust and Security of Service-Oriented Architectures


Official site: http://www.avantssar.eu/

Partners: University of Verona (Italy), University of Genova (Italy), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique Nancy (France), Institut de Recherche en Informatique, Toulouse (France), IBM Research Lab, Zurich (Switzerland), OPENTRUST, Trust and Security Software (France), Institute e-Austria Timisoara (Romania), SAP AG, Sophia Antipolis (France), Siemens AG Munich (Germany)

Started: January 2008, 36 months

AVANTSSAR proposes a rigorous technology for the formal specification and Automated VAlidatioN of Trust and Security of Service-oriented ARchitectures. This technology will be automated into an integrated toolset, the AVANTSSAR Validation Platform, tuned on relevant industrial case studies.

The project will develop:

* ASLan, the first formal language for specifying trust and security properties of services, their associated policies, and their composition into service architectures.

* Automated techniques to reason about services, their dynamic composition, and their associated security policies into secure service architectures.

* The AVANTSSAR Validation Platform, an automated toolset for validating trust and security aspects of service-oriented architectures.

* A library of validated composed services and service architectures, proving that our technology scales to envisaged applications.

Migrating project results to industry and standardisation organisations will speed up the development of new network and service infrastructures, enhance their security and robustness, and increase the public acceptance of emerging IT systems and applications based on them.